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Let’s face it studying can literally be the hardest thing to start on. We all feel the pressure when it comes to studying especially when it is closer to exams. Even if you were an academic highest achiever when it comes to college and university everything changes. You are expected to be an adult and not be spoon fed. You aren’t reminded of dates or deadline you are basically on your own.

When it comes to studying at university organization plays a key role. You should always write things down and prioritize you work, Always have a to-do list. Always have a clutter free environment to study at so you can focus on your work. One wise move would be to have a study buddy. Always having a likeminded friend is helpful because the chances of you going off track is less. It is always more productive when you study with others and ask yourselves more questions. It is also a very easy way of making friends. During the secessions you can be more attentive and you stay pretty focused on the study material.

While you are at lectures always take notes, taking notes also helps you to stay focused. If you find the topic difficult to understand always search the internet you can find plenty of materials and videos to help you understand better. When it comes to the exam times you can transfer the important parts of your notes to flashcards to help you remember. Flashcards are a classic study material and they help you remember. You can make them while you study and then use them to study while you are travelling or for quick revision.

The key thing about studying and remembering what you study is to study every day. Instead of clumping up at the last minute. It can be the hardest to get used to. But it is the best way to avoid stress and stay on top of things. You don’t necessary need to study from book you can study from various sources and make up your own notes. This is what will help you the most. Because you develop your own understanding of the subject and when you read & write about it you will develop an in-depth knowledge.

When you have finished studying always reward yourself. Have snack or watch your favorite TV series. This will definitely increase your drive to achieve your targets and also motivate you to do better. Always set goals long terms goals or short term goals. You will get a great work satisfaction when you tick off your goals and get a sense of completion. When you are on top of your study and you have regularly studied you don’t have to pull an all-night study right before your exams and stress yourself you can relax.

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