The Risks of Being Overweight

The Risks of Being Overweight

The Risks of Being Overweight

Overweight means that your body has put on more weight than it’s meant to handle. Sometimes being overweight may not be unhealthy for some people though. It is a very singular and individual process. One way to check if you’re healthy is by checking your Body Mass Index. This is a measure of your body fat and is considered using a person’s weight and height so it’s not a standard singular figure. If your body mass index indicates that you’re overweight, this means that you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to many risks and conditions. Here are some common risks associated with being overweight that will help you get a better insight on the matter.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that brings about high blood sugar levels. This rise in sugar levels means that people are prone to heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, etc. While genetics and family history play a pretty big role when it comes to diabetes, a lot of diagnosed individuals also tend to be obese. If you’ve been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, then getting yourself down to a healthy weight and being active will help regulate those blood sugar levels and put yourself at less risk.  An effective weight loss program that you can enroll in is health retreat Sydney. A perfect location, healthy diets, motivational fitness instructors- it’s all you need to get yourself in good shape

High Blood Pressure

What is blood pressure? When your heart pumps, it sends blood through arteries (passageways) to different parts of the body. Blood pressure is a measure of how hard exactly this blood pushes against the walls of your arteries. This can be checked in a checkup with your doctor and we recommend that you do so. In overweight individuals, blood pressure tends to be higher because your heart has to pump harder to effectively transport the blood to different parts of the body. By having high blood pressure, you could be diagnosed with heart disease or kidney failure. Almost always when diagnosed with high blood pressure, individuals are urged to be more active and get their weight closer to normal BMI values, as well as reduce salt intake.

Heart Disease

There are different types of heart diseases. Some may be when a blood vessel becomes narrow and hard and thus, blood cannot reach the heart properly. For others, there could be problems in how the heart pumps. Usually overweight people tend to be at more risk for heart disease because their bodies already have health problems commonly linked to it. This includes high blood pressure and high blood sugar as mentioned above but also high cholesterol. There is a significant link between obesity and high cholesterol, which means your chances of suffering from heart disease are drastically increased since this hard substance settles on your blood vessels and constricts it. Work on being healthier and work off that excess cholesterol.

These are the most common risks of being overweight, now that you’re more informed make sure to live a healthier lifestyle that will reduce your chances of being diagnosed with such conditions.

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